Cherubs & Roses Annual Christmas Window

My eighth annual Christmas window! I think the goddess of painted windows might have forgiven me this year had I, in light of the continuing sh*t storm in our lives, not done one. But EYE would not have forgiven myself!

So here she is, my eighth annual Christmas window! Fortunately, joy is a year-round state to which we all aspire, so she is cheerfully delightful no matter the season.

Pink and white roses, morning glories and forget-me-nots are garlanded between two sweet cherubs. Bug bites, dew drops and thorns add to the charm and will surely make you smile when eer you see her!

This window was originally part of the McKee Mansion, a weekend cottage that once stood on the shores of Lake Huron in Broken Rocks, Port Austin, Michigan. She is painted with original chippy white paint and a delicious vintage green color of paint.

The window painting is executed in oil and acrylic and is varnished with archival-quality varnish for luminous depth and lasting durability.

She will arrive ready to hang.

She took quite a journey to get to this point! Acquired when I lived in Port Austin, she moved to Ohio with me a little over a year ago. Then she traveled between Michigan and Ohio with me this past summer not once, but twice, while I was working on her! She was painted while on the beaches of Port Austin and Caseville, and on the beach at the beautiful and peaceful Lighthouse Park on the east side of Michigans Thumb, and finished here in my studio in Hilliard, Ohio.

As the past four months have been insanely chaotic, I had to sneak precious moments in the wee hours of the morning and 90 second increments (or so it seemed!) of time whenever I could. At last, on Christmas Eve, she is DONE! She was a sanity saver and blessed respite on many, many an occasion.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I loved painting her.


28 x 22

She will arrive ready to hang.

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