Cherubs & Old Glory painting

It may be the height of unfashionableness to be patriotic these days, unhip to think that America is - or ever was - great. To which I say:


A Fourth of July parade can still make me cry. I love our great country. It IS a grand old flag!

They shall not be forgotten, in memory of those who have fought and given all so that our country can remain free, the land of greatness and opportunity.

The design for this window has wanted to be painted for several years now, only I couldnt paint cherubs very well atall when I first thunk of it. Now just seemed the right time to do it, and so - patriotic cherubs and Old Glory for you!

Bug bites, dew drops and thorns are lovely touches. The lettering and background are entirely reverse-painted by hand on the back of the window. She will arrive with a lovely vintage wallpaper backing and ready to hang.

Executed in oil and acrylic, varnished for luminous depth and lasting durability.


22 x 24


20% down ($42) due at time of purchase with the balance payable over three months. Please contact me if you wish to use this option. Thank you!

Price: $210.00
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