1959 VW Beetle Window!

Layaways welcome! See below for details.

No glass is safe from me!

When I was buying these 1959 Volkswagon Bug wing windows at a flea market (I got the pair; this is just the first one), the gentleman asked me what year Bug I would be using them in. I said, well, uh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... My husband jumped in and told him what I would be doing with them.

A look of utter horror crossed the poor dear's face as he clutched his heart.

As is usually the case, cash won. Husband paid up, and the guy, having fully recovered from his near-heart attack, said, Here's my phone number. I have a warehouse full of car windows going back seventy years.

We havent been to look yet, but I sense that in the not-too-distant future, a Saturday morning will be spent in a warehouse full of old car windows!

Soft aqua, reverse-painted lettering perfectly sets off a beribboned swag of pink roses. Just so cheerful and fun.

And no one else will ever have one like it!!

This will need hung with mirror clips, which WILL be included.


27-1/2 x 14 ht
(69.8 cm x 35.5 cm)

She will arrive with the mirror clips needed to hang her.

Layaways welcome! 20% down ($33) due at time of purchase with the balance payable over three months. Please contact me if you wish to use this option. Thank you!


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